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Queenstown, New Zealand

 New Zealand.  Land of the Maori, home of the Kiwis.


Queenstown, on the South Island of New Zealand, and a burger institution called Fergburger.  Where a few yanks, stumbled on to of a very different, very unique burger.


Organically raised Beef that graze on the grassy hills just out of town.  Buns from the local baker, made fresh each morning.  Handmade cheese delivered from a local artisan, and produce from the farm picked that morning.  Paired with unique, homemade sauces, and a great attitude.


Inspired and assisted by Fergburger,  keeping the quality, love & spirit Ferg put into their brand we brought it back to the States and created NZ Eats.


New Zealand is pure, honest, enjoyable. From its breathtaking natural beauty, to a community of sharing, good natured people who enjoy laughter as much as a good pint, to how food, always natural and simple, is respected and valued as part of nature's gifts. 


NZ Eats, our family of restaurants, are New Zealand inspired restaurant experiences.  Keeping it pure, honest and enjoyable, create restaurants following these principles. Relationships along these values.  Menu creations and healthier food principals along this ideal. 


With our Thanks, we hope you enjoy!   Kia Ora.

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